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Open Sandwich: Terms & Conditions

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Open Sandwich Message Board

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These Terms and Conditions may change from time to time without prior notice.


I would like to thank the following:

  • Dr. F. Andrews and Mr. C. Wanastrocht for giving permission to publish the old photographs
  • Mr. C. Wanostrocht for help with some enquiries and arrangements and for the use of his books
  • Dr. F. Andrews for help and advice concerning enquiries from visitors and the article about the Ancient Hospitals.
  • Bob Blanchard and his friends and associates from California US
  • Sue Cummings - for St. Clement's Memorial Inscriptions
  • Ann Harrison-Brookes for much information about currents events etc.
  • Mr. R. Harlow for pictures of the White Mill and Chillenden Windmill and help with history queries.
  • Martin for the picture of the Hastings fisherman
  • The Mayor of Sandwich (year 2000)
  • Simon Leith for photo of Sydney Greenstreet's House
  • Mr. A. Twyman for information and book about Dr. Weekes
  • David Ovenden for the picture of New Romney Church
  • Ian Pollen for the picture of Sarre Windmill
  • The Rye web site for the picture of the gun garden
  • The Sandwich Local History Society for some of the content.
  • The Sandwich Society for the Heritage Days Information
  • Sandwich Tourist Office
  • Sandwich Library
  • The late Jack Stables for the photos of Edward Prince of Wales 1932 and various Information in the 'Scrapbook' and 'Past & Present'
  • The late Derek Lord for information about Richborough Port.
  • The Sandwich Town Council booklet 'Sandwich - Ancient Town and Cinque Port', for some of the information for the Timeline and other sections.

We try to acknowledge photographs on the relevant pages but some images are of unknown source - so apologies if you are not acknowledged.

All other images/graphics are either royalty free, credited, or created by myself.

Sue Fielder - Open Sandwich Designer & Webmaster.