Sandwich is one of the best preserved medieval towns in the UK

Sandwich Kent - Medieval Cinque Port

In medieval times and before, Sandwich was a main Kent and UK port, it was and still is, a principal Cinque Port. Before the River Stour silted up, the river was wide and deep enough for great sailing ships.

Today, the ships have been replaced by smaller craft, residential and visitors moorings, but the many ancient buildings make Sandwich one of the best preserved medieval towns in England.

Sandwich Origins

The first recorded mention of Sandwich was around 664 AD but there was probably some kind of settlement in Roman times as the site is very close to Richborough Roman Fort (Rutupiae).

The name of the town is, most likely, Saxon in origin, approximately meaning sandy place, or the place on the sand. The word sandwich as an item of food came into being centuries later ...

Sandwich for Visitors

Sandwich Kent

With its ancient buildings, nature reserves, golf courses, delightful country pubs, caf├ęs and restaurants, the medieval Cinque Port of Sandwich is a must to visit for the discerning tourist.

Sandwich is also surrounded by small picturesque villages, such as Eastry, Ash, Worth and Woodnesborough & within easy reach are the nearby towns of Canterbury and the Port of Dover.

Places to Visit

Sandwich Events


Sat 11th & Sun 12th June - Le Weekend - Sandwich goes French : More Details

Sun 19th June - Little Gardens, privately owned gardens open to the public : More Details

Fri 8th to Sun 10th July - Sandwich Folk & Ale Festival - Most events free in pubs and on the outdoor stage on the Guildhall Forecourt : More Details

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