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East Kent Windmills & Watermills

Brief history, map, and pictures of some working windmills and watermills in East Kent.

Chart Gun Powder Mills - Faversham
  • Whitemill
    Whitemill - Sandwich
    A smock mill which retains its original machinery and was restored between 1960 and 1961 by millwright Vincent Pargeter. The Miller's Cottage and all out buildings house the domestic and agricultural White Mill Rural Heritage Centre
  • Chart Gun Powder Mills - Faversham
    Chart Gun Powder Mills - Faversham
    These 18th Century mills were once part of a Royal Gunpowder Factory and supplied Nelson and Wellington with gunpowder. They are the only surviving mills of their kind in the country and have been restored by the Faversham Society. Contact: Fleur de Lis Heritage Centre, Stonebridge Way, Faversham, Kent Tel: 01795 534542
  • Chillenden Windmill
    Chillenden Windmill
    An open trestle post mill, built in 1868 - one of the last of this type to be built in the county, and standing on a very exposed site, where mills have stood for around 500 years. Situated: In fields north of Chillenden. 4km SW of Sandwich. The windmill was blown down and almost completely destroyed at the end of November 2003. Fortunately it was reconstructed in 2005. Contact: Tel: 01304 812320
  • Crabble Corn Mill - Dover
    Crabble Corn Mill - Dover
    Restored to working order, one of the finest watermills in Europe, with its maze of Victorian machinery, complete and in situ. The mill's own stone-ground flour is for sale. Tel: 01304 823292
  • Draper's Mill - Margate (Photo 1905)
    Draper's Mill - Margate
    This black smock windmill, built in 1845 by John Holman, was powered by wind until 1916, and by gas until 1933. restored to working order by Drapers Windmill Trust. Location: In St Peter's Footpath off College Road, Margate. Contact: Tel: 01843 291696 or 01843 226227
  • Herne Windmill
    Herne Windmill
    A typical Kentish smock mill with most of its original machinery. It was restored to working order in 1986 and will be undergoing more works. There is also a museum. Tel: 01227 361326 or 01227 374539 Location: Off Mill Lane, Herne. From the A291 (Herne Bay to Canterbury road) turn into School Lane on reaching Herne village
  • Hythe Watermill
    Hythe Watermill
    Last milled commercially in 1932. Weather boarded Corn mill built 1773, although recorded earlier, and updated and enlarged in 1880. Now restored to partial working order with original Victorian machinery and 21' 4" Water wheel. Mills occasionally. Has extensive gardens and waterfall. Visitors by appointment or on open days. Tel: 01303 265032 or 269900
  • Sarre Windmill
    Sarre Windmill
    This commercially working smock mill is now fully restored. The mill has been grinding by wind power for 7 years after a 70 year rest. Tel: 01843 847573 Off the A253 at Sarre
  • Stelling Minnis Windmill
    Stelling Minnis Windmill
    Black smock mill built in 1866 which worked until 1970, when restoration by Kent County Council began. The 1912 Ruston and Hornsby oil engine powers the mill for grinding demonstrations. Tel: 01227 709238 or 709550 In Mill Lane, Stelling Minnis off the B2068 (Canterbury to Hythe road). Museum next to Mill
  • Swanton Watermill, Lower Mersham
    Swanton Watermill, Lower Mersham
    A weather boarded watermill in full working order, grinding organic wholemeal flour, which is for sale. There is a museum and extensive gardens Tel: 01233 720223
  • Willesborough Windmill
    Willesborough Windmill
    This smock mill, built in 1869, has been restored by Asford Borough council, to its former glory. The historic landmark, which can be seen from the M20, has become the centre piece of an Industrial Heritage Centre. Grinding takes place when the wind is good.
    Location: South of Ashford on the A292 near Junction 10 of the M20. Tel: 01233 661866
  • Stocks Mill - Wittersham
    Stocks Mill - Wittersham
    A tall post mill, built in 1781. Restored in 1980 by Kent County Council and recently painted. It contains an exhibition of old maps and photographs. Tel: 01797 270295 Between Tenterden & Rye on the B2082
  • Woodchurch Windmill - (Photo taken - 1890)
    Woodchurch Windmill
    A white smock windmill which worked until 1926. The mill has been completely rebuilt to house the original machinery, which is now in working order. Tel: 01233 860649 Take the footpath between the Bonny Cravat & Six Bells Pubs in the centre of Woodchurch.

White Mill - Sandwich
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