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History of Sandwich Kent: a 15th Century Council

First Councils & their Officers

21st Century Sandwich Town Sergeant

21st Century Sandwich Town Sergeant

Today there is one Town Sergeant who looks after the Council and Guildhall and officiates during traditional ceremonies carrying the 'Hog Mace'.

Centuries ago there were more Sergeants & other Wardens whose duties are now defunct or have been replaced by today's Councillors and Council Officers.

Common Council Officers in 1473

  • The Steward of the Court or Recorder, who had to be a lawyer.
  • The Common Wardman, (Bearer of the large silver mace)
  • Two Sergeants at Mace, (Bearers of the two smaller silver Maces)
  • Sergeant-at-Brazen-Mace, (the Hog Mace)
  • The Land Treasurer
  • The Water Treaurer
  • Three Keepers of the Keys of the Common Chest.
  • Three Wardens of Orphans
  • Two Wardens of the Flesh Market
  • Two Wardens of the Fish Market
  • Two Searchers of Leather
  • A person appointed to look after David's Gate (now called the Barbican), Pillory Gate, the gutters and sewers.
  • The Town Beadle
  • Nine Auditors
  • A Gauger of Casks and Sealer of Measures
  • Three persons to look after abuses done to the Delph stream
  • The Sexton of St. Peter's to ring the bell at 4 am and 8 pm
  • Another person appointed to look after the sluice at Canterbury Gate