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History Time Line of Sandwich Kent

History Timeline: The Romans in Sandwich

The History Timeline gives dates and brief details of some of the major events affecting Sandwich from Roman times up to the present day.

43 AD

Richborough Roman FortClaudius and his legionaries landed at Richborough and dug ditches, that can still be seen today. Later, wooden buildings were built. The stone walls were built later, probably during the reign of the Emporer Carausius between 287 and 293 AD.

Rutupiae (Richborough) became the chief Roman administrative centre for the whole of Britain

370 AD

Roman CoastlineIn around 370 AD, Rutupiae was one of the ten forts of the Saxon Shore, defending the coast from invaders. Two more of these forts are shown on the map, Dover, and Reculver.

Excavations have shown that many generations of Romans lived in and near the fort and relics can be seen at the museum on the site.

Sandwich is shown on the map, but it did not become a thriving town until the Saxon period.

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410 AD

The Romans left Britain for good.